Ask your MP to support the Bill to remove Alcoa's FOI exemption

Alcoa's Anglesea coal mine and power station will close next month. But Alcoa is currently exempt from Freedom of Information laws, which could stop the community getting critical information about the rehabilitation process.

Support the Anglesea community: email your local MPs and ask them to support a Bill to remove Alcoa’s FOI exemption.

Suggested points to include in your email:

  • Next week the Greens will introduce a Bill in the Upper House to remove Alcoa’s exemption from FOI laws, and I hope the you and your Party will support it
  • Alcoa’s exemption from Freedom of Information laws has prevented the community from accessing crucial public health and environmental pollution information about the Anglesea coal plant and mine
  • The community wants full transparency about the rehabilitation process, and the FOI exemption could prevent this from happening.
  • The Alcoa FOI exemption was originally introduced to protect commercial sensitivities, but these are already protected under FOI law.
  • There is no good reason for the exemption to remain in place, especially now the plant is closing.

You can find the contact details for your local MPs by entering your postcode here.

MPs from all sides of politics, in the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, need to hear from the community about this Bill. Please send a personal message to your local MPs, and encourage your friends and family to do so too.

Why is this important?

Alcoa’s Anglesea operation has benefited from a blanket exemption under Freedom of Information (FOI) laws since 1984. The exemption been used to prevent access to public health and environmental information about the impacts of the plant, despite the real and serious risks to the local community.

The plant is closing, and the company is responsible for cleaning up and rehabilitating the site. It’s more important than ever to scrap this special treatment for Alcoa, and increase transparency around the Anglesea mine and power station.

There’s no reason rehabilitation should be done in secret, and every reason to let the community have access to the information they need regarding the future of the site. Email your MP now!

Key MPs to email:

Terry Mulder, Liberal MP for Polwarth (includes Angelsea, Lorne, Colac, Camperdown, Terang, Mortlake) or (03) 5231 5046

Simon Ramsay, Liberal Upper House MP for Western Victoria or (03) 5222 1941

Andrew Katos, Liberal MP for South Barwon (includes Jan Juc, Torquay, Highton, Waurn Ponds and Grovedale) or (03) 5244 2288

Gayle Tierney, Labor Upper House MP for Western Victoria or (03) 5224 2088

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