Call the Minister for Resources

Labor is due to make their decision on whether we should have toxic onshore gas in Victoria in the next two weeks.

This could be our last chance to tell the Minister we need a permanent ban on toxic onshore gas.

Call or email the Hon. Wade Noonan, Minister for Resources

(03) 8684 0900

Most likely, the Minister's staff will answer. Be polite, say your name, and that you're disappointed Labor still hasn't banned onshore gas. Tell them that you want them to urgently commit to a permanent ban.

You could also mention some of these points:

  • Onshore gas is harmful and dangerous for people’s health, our water, our farmland, and the environment
  • Over 70 towns have declared themselves gasfield free, which shows that the community doesn't want gas in Victoria
  • Victoria doesn’t need onshore gas for energy, we could create all our energy through renewables

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