Clean Economy

I hold the portfolios of Climate Change, Energy, Resources, Environment, and Science and Innovation. I'm passionate about investing in science, research and innovation to build the new economy. We need to move beyond coal to clean energy.

Supporting Renewable Energy

We plan to create Australia’s clean economy, with at least 90% renewables by 2030.

With the federal Liberal Government attacking our renewable energy sector, Victoria must step up to fill this void. We can create jobs in renewable energy and reduce emissions right here in Victoria.

The Greens successfully campaigned for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target to top-up the weakened Federal target, which was slashed by Abbott and Shorten. We want to create a Solar Bank to spur more investment and offer solar panel owners a fair price for the energy they put into the electricity grid. Payments to people with solar panels have been slashed by this Labor Government.

Replacing Dirty Coal

The Greens continue to stand with communities fighting against proposed new and expanded coal mines.

Hazelwood power station is the dirtiest power plant in Australia, and the third-dirtiest in the world. After a long community campaign, Hazelwood has now closed.

Neither the Victorian Labor Government or the Federal Coalition Government have a plan for the fair phase-out of all polluting coal plants.

The Greens will keep fighting for a fair and just transition beyond coal, supporting communities through the retirement of coal power plants.

Creating Jobs

We need to invest in the economy of the future to create jobs that will last. We’ve helped create and secure long-term manufacturing jobs by supporting investment in clean industries building trams, trains and wind turbines here in Victoria.

Australia depends on innovation and research, and here in Melbourne we have some of the best researchers in the world. But the old parties repeatedly threaten research funds when setting budgets. This is short-sighted. Research needs secure, long-term public support to create jobs now and into the future.

Protecting Our Forests

Both Labor and the Liberals continue to support the use of our taxpayer dollars to subsidise the logging of our native forests and water catchments. This is ridiculous.

The Greens are campaigning to create a new Great Forest National Park just one and a half hours from Melbourne. This will protect our water supplies, fauna habitat, and carbon stores. With your help, we can make the Great Forest National Park a reality.


Leading the Greens contingent of the Climate March, 2015. 

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