Greens welcome closure of Anglesea power station

"The Greens have long supported the community's loud calls for Anglesea to close. Today's announcement is a huge win for the community and for the climate, but our dirtiest power station, Hazelwood must be next" said Greens Energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell.

Ms Sandell made a statement in Parliament last week, highlighting the toxic impacts of Anglesea power station. (See statement)
"Alcoa couldn't find a buyer for Anglesea, which shows that coal power is on the way out," said Ms Sandell.
"Anglesea is the first brown coal domino to fall, and Hazelwood must be next. The Andrews Government must urgently make a plan to close Hazelwood and support the community and workers in Anglesea and the Latrobe Valley" she said.

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