Replace Hazelwood with Clean Energy

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To the Minister of Energy and Resources, 

I want to see Victoria take real and urgent action on climate change. Please follow through with Labor's 2010 promise and replace Hazelwood with clean energy, while creating local jobs in mine rehabilitation and supporting a community-led transition for workers.

Hazelwood power station is Australia's dirtiest power station and one of the most polluting in the world.

Now is our best chance to close it, because the national energy regulator reports we have over 8000 megawatts of surplus energy in the grid. That's the equivalent of 5 Hazelwood power plants of unnecessary energy. It's clear - we don't need Hazelwood any more.

Closing Hazelwood will create jobs. With Government support, workers and communities in the Latrobe Valley can be involved in the rehabilitation of Hazelwood mine and power plant. Mine rehabilitation alone would create 450 jobs for more than a decade and a billion-dollar economic stimulus for the region. [1]

Labor promised to close Hazelwood in 2010, but now they are silent on the issue. No government can claim to have a credible climate change policy, unless it has a plan to shut down coal-fired power stations.

By putting pressure on Labor we can make sure they follow through with their 2010 promise and Victoria can become a renewable energy leader.

The Greens want to see:

  1. The complete closure of Hazelwood and Anglesea Power Stations;
  2. The owners of Hazelwood paying for mine rehabilitation and money in the 2015 budget for a community-led transition plan including rehabilitation of the Hazelwood mine and support for local communities to create jobs;
  3. Immediate implementation of pollution limits for existing coal-fired power stations; and
  4. A legislated target for renewable energy in Victoria of 90% by 2030.

You can find more information on The Greens plan to clean up Victoria's energy system here.

[1] Environment Victoria, Preventing the Preventable, October 2014


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