Keeping Melbourne Liveable

We need to preserve Melbourne's status as the world's most liveable city, which means investing in a clean, fast and affordable public transport system, and ensuring we have appropriate development and access to open spaces.

Ellen is the Greens spokesperson on major cultural events, such as the arts and music festivals which make our city great.

Building a Fast, Clean and Affordable Public Transport System

Our public transport system is overcrowded and under-funded. It's almost impossible to get on a tram or train in the city at peak hour.

We support the Melbourne Metro Project, expanding the City Loop with new stops in Parkville and North Melbourne, and a train line to the airport. But we also need to future-proof our train signalling, fill in the missing links on our tram network, fix our broken bus system, start planning for Melbourne Metro 2 and finally build Doncaster and Rowville Rail. 

The Greens will continue to be strong advocates for better public transport.

Protecting Our Communities from Out of Control Development

My colleagues Federal MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt and Melbourne City Councillors Rohan Leppert and Cathy Oke, and I have a plan for a Liveable Melbourne.

Under the old parties, planning ministers have been given successively greater powers to bulldoze local governments and community groups. It’s time our planning system worked for the community, not big developers.

I introduced a Bill into Parliament in 2015 to ban big developers from donating to political parties and candidates, but Labor, the Liberals, and the Nationals joined together to vote it down. Now, after a long campaign, new donations rules have passed parliament. Unfortunately the government still refuses to ban donations from big developers or gambling interests. Unlike the old parties, the Greens do not take donations from big developers or gambling interests.

We plan to remove the excessive powers of the Planning Minister to overrule councils and community members, and make sure businesses don’t get more votes on Melbourne City Council than residents.


Cycling is flourishing as a popular alternative to clogged roads and overcrowded public transport, but government hasn’t kept up with investment in bicycle infrastructure.

The Greens will match council funding for bike lanes, fast-track the planned Principle Bicycle Network, and introduce new laws to make the roads safer for cyclists.


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