Wynne must rule out overturning or intervening in Fed Square heritage listing: Greens

The Greens today challenged Planning Minister Richard Wynne to rule out overruling Heritage Victoria’s recommendation to give Federation Square heritage protection, and have vowed to make it a key issue in the marginal seat of Richmond in the upcoming election if he does.

Greens MP for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell, warmly welcomed Heritage Victoria’s recommendation to include Federation Square on the Victorian Heritage Register.

“Federation Square is Melbourne’s public square, and an essential part of Victoria’s cultural history and it should be properly recognised under Victoria’s heritage laws”

But the Greens warned that Planning Minister and Richmond Labor MP Richard Wynne could “call in” the heritage application and essentially overrule the decision to make way for a big Apple megastore.

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North Melbourne Language and Learning Consultation Evening

North Melbourne Language and Learning are holding a consultation for men from migrant/refugee/asylum seeker backgrounds in the innernorth of Melbourne.

The consultation will take place on Wednesday 24 October from 6pm – 8.30pm. Dinner will be provided from 6pm – 6.30pm for participants.

The focus of this consultation is to invite men from the local community to start to talk with NMLL regarding what their needs and aspirations are and how NMLL can work with the men in the community to address these needs and support them to achieve their aspirations.

At NMLL there is currently greater participation from women in the community in our training programs and community initiatives than there are men.

NMLL would like to hear from the men in the community to see how we can change this imbalance and especially if the men in the community are keen to work with us on priority issues that impact on them.

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Greens Plan to Stop Invasives

The Victorian Greens will commit $240 million over four years to manage invasive plants and animals, as feral deer, foxes, goats, cats, rabbits, pigs and weeds threaten the state’s natural environment and farmland.

The plan includes the creation of a new Invasive Species Management Authority to coordinate an effective statewide approach targeting the worst invasive species, including $40 million to manage feral deer and $40 million for research into new and humane control methods.

The Greens will also end the use of recreational hunting as a key way to deal with invasive species, arguing it is ineffective, unsafe and often inhumane.

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Save Our Parks

Victoria's National Parks are under threat, Parks Victoria Board must change focus and hunting must be banned, say Greens.

The Victorian Greens will appoint a new Parks Victoria Board with more members having environmental, conservation or indigenous knowledge and expertise as part of a plan to better protect Victoria's most valuable natural assets.

The Greens would also reverse Labor's terrible decision to allow hunting in the Alpine National Park, end logging and create new national parks as well as increase funding to Parks Victoria.

The pledge is part of the Greens' Save our National Parks campaign. The Liberals cut funding for Parks Victoria in 2014 and the Andrews Labor Government has not restored funding to required levels, meaning our National Parks are overrun with weeds and invasive species, visitor centres are closed and staff morale is low.

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Greens launch plan to wean Victoria off gas

Today the Victorian Greens launched a policy to phase out gas in Victoria as part of a plan to power the state by 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Crucial to the plan is $1000 grants for homeowners and landlords to replace dirty polluting gas heaters with electric alternatives, capped at $22 million. This will ensure that when the transition to renewable energy happens, households will be ready.

Victoria must take action on climate change, and a phase out of all fossil fuels is the only way to do it effectively. Additionally, gas no longer makes economic sense. Household gas prices have risen by 180 percent and industrial prices by as much of 300 percent.

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