Let's Get Started Neighbourhood Doorknock

The campaign launch was only the beginning. Tomorrow and Sunday we’re hitting the streets for our first door knock. We have big targets for our campaign -- to knock on every door in the Melbourne electorate -- and we can’t wait to get started.

 We need you to help us make these targets a reality. Can you join a neighbourhood team for our first door knock on 14-15 June? 

Click on the Let’s Get Started door knock session you're attending, or interested in attending, for more information: 

Kensington, Saturday 14 June, 10AM

Carlton, Saturday 14 June, 10AM

North Melbourne, Saturday 14 June, 2PM

Parkville, Sunday 15 June, 10AM 



Light The Dark

Light The Dark

It was heart-warming to see so many Melburnians at the candlielight vigil in Fed Square on Sunday night. The vigils were held to remember the life of Reza Berati, a 23 year old asylum seeker who was killed inside the Manus Island detention centre, as well as to protest against the inhumane treatment of refugees by the Abbott Government.

The Greens oppose offshore processing of refugees and are calling for a Royal Commission into Reza's death, and for the closure of the Manus Island detention centre. I'm proud to stand with a party that stands for compassion, not cruelty.

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