Melbourne City Council's Homeless Ban Won't Work

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and his Melbourne City Council team have proposed a callous law to ban homelessness in the city.

Let the Lord Mayor and the Council know that they need to focus on finding long term housing solutions for people and not callous, knee jerk reactions.

Responses to proposals like this work best when they are in your own words. Some things you may want to reference in your response are:

  • The key driver of homelessness in the city is a lack of affordable housing.  

  • There are currently 33 thousand people on public housing waiting lists in Victoria.

  • Experts like Justice Connect, the Council for Homeless Persons and Melbourne City Mission all agree that this proposed ban won't work and will just further stigmatise homeless people.

  • Instead, the City of Melbourne should invest more in affordable housing; including requiring all major developments within the city to contribute to affordable housing.

  • The City of Melbourne should call on the Victorian Government to invest more in public housing.

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