The Greens stand for a caring society, better public transport, a clean economy, protecting our environment and keeping Melbourne a liveable and vibrant community.

As well as representing my local electorate of Melbourne, I hold the policy portfolios of environment, climate and energy issues, treasury and finance, and science and innovation.

This page outlines my key policy goals. For full detail on all Greens policies, click here.

Better public transport, not toll roads

The Greens campaigned to stop the disastrous East West toll road. This was a clear message from the community to government to invest in public transport, not toll roads.

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No More Toll Roads

The East West toll road was a disastrous project which would have put more cars on the road, created pollution, and left us in debt for decades.

The Greens joined with the community in a long campaign to stop this toll road, and thanks to all your support, the road was stopped!

Now the Labor Government wants to build the West Gate toll road, which faces many of the same problems.

The West Gate toll road is a $6.7 billion band-aid that won’t fix our traffic and truck problems, and will just deliver more profits to private toll company, Transurban. It will funnel thousands more cars into the CBD, North Melbourne, Parkville and Docklands.

We need real, long-term solutions to road congestion in inner Melbourne and beyond.

We want freight on rail, big investment in public transport, and a truck ban on residential streets in the inner west.

The people of the Melbourne deserve a healthy, clean and liveable neighbourhood for decades to come.

We will be working with all affected communities to find real solutions to Melbourne’s congestion problems. The West Gate toll road is not it.

Better Public Transport

The Labor Government isn’t investing enough in public transport. Some of our inner-city tram routes are at 150% capacity in the morning, and it’s nearly impossible to get on a train at peak hour.

We’ve successfully campaigned for the government to upgrade train signalling to improve our train network, buy more trams (and build them right here in Melbourne!) and investigate electric buses.

I’m working with my Greens colleagues to lobby the government to create new east-west public transport links through trams and buses.

The Greens support the Melbourne Metro project to expand the City Loop with new stations in Parkville and North Melbourne, and we want to see Doncaster and Rowville Rail finally built.

We want to see South Kensington and South Yarra train stations added to the Melbourne Metro Project to cater for our growing city for decades to come.

We will continue to be strong advocates for more investment in public transport, and for better infrastructure for cycling and walking.


Celebrating the end of the East West toll road with the local community.

Fair Society

Victoria should be a fair society where everyone has access to good quality education, healthcare and housing.

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Schools For Our Kids

Public education has fallen behind in Victoria.

Labor introduced laws that say that for every $1 we invest in public schools, we must give 25c to private schools, regardless of whether they need it or not. This completely undermines our public school system and goes against the agreed Gonski principles of needs-based funding. The Liberals and Nationals voted for these laws and they passed.

I’ve worked closely with community groups to successfully campaign for new schools in North Melbourne and Docklands. But the short-sighted Labor Government has proposed only primary schools, and is yet to provide a timeline for their construction. Docklands needs a P-12 school urgently.

Labor's policies have decimated TAFEs and the previous Liberal Government slashed $1.2 billion from the sector. The Greens will stand up for education and advocate to restore funding for public TAFE.

Public Housing

Inner Melbourne has the highest number of public housing residents in the country, but our public housing has deteriorated to crisis levels through lack of investment from the old parties. All Victorians should have access to adequate housing.

The waiting list for public housing in Victoria is over 80,000 people long, and people who are homeless or escaping family violence can wait for several years. Under Labor, waiting times for public housing went up 54%. I believe in a fair society, so we need to invest in appropriate maintenance, security and more housing. We oppose the Government's sell offs of public housing.

Protecting Our Hospitals

Our health system is under pressure - with hospital waiting lists ballooning.

The federal Liberals want to cut $20 billion from health and education in Victoria. The old parties have been cutting hospital funding for years. We will stand up to these cruel cuts to health. 

The Greens will also invest much more in preventative health, to save lives, money and keep people healthy. This means banning smoking in outdoor areas, banning junk food advertising targeting kids, and addressing the scourge of problem gambling. 

Integrity in Politics

Corrupt MPs should be investigated by the police, not other MPs. Our anti-corruption laws need real teeth.

When the Greens introduced anti-corruption laws in 2012, Liberal and Labor MPs said we don't need 'serious misconduct' laws. The Greens are the only party willing to make members of parliament face the same laws as the public who elect them.

After a long campaign, new donations rules have passed parliament. Unfortunately, the government still refuses to ban donations from big developers and gambling interests. We will continue our campaign to ban the corrupting influence of these donations to political parties. Property developers and gambling interests don’t donate to political parties for fun. We need to tighten our electoral laws to ban donations from property developers and gambling interests to candidates as well as introduce real-time disclosure of all political donations.


Clean Economy

I hold the portfolios of Climate Change, Energy, Resources, Environment, and Science and Innovation. I'm passionate about investing in science, research and innovation to build the new economy. We need to move beyond coal to clean energy.

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Supporting Renewable Energy

We plan to create Australia’s clean economy, with at least 90% renewables by 2030.

With the federal Liberal Government attacking our renewable energy sector, Victoria must step up to fill this void. We can create jobs in renewable energy and reduce emissions right here in Victoria.

The Greens successfully campaigned for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target to top-up the weakened Federal target, which was slashed by Abbott and Shorten. We want to create a Solar Bank to spur more investment and offer solar panel owners a fair price for the energy they put into the electricity grid. Payments to people with solar panels have been slashed by this Labor Government.

Replacing Dirty Coal

The Greens continue to stand with communities fighting against proposed new and expanded coal mines.

Hazelwood power station is the dirtiest power plant in Australia, and the third-dirtiest in the world. After a long community campaign, Hazelwood has now closed.

Neither the Victorian Labor Government or the Federal Coalition Government have a plan for the fair phase-out of all polluting coal plants.

The Greens will keep fighting for a fair and just transition beyond coal, supporting communities through the retirement of coal power plants.

Creating Jobs

We need to invest in the economy of the future to create jobs that will last. We’ve helped create and secure long-term manufacturing jobs by supporting investment in clean industries building trams, trains and wind turbines here in Victoria.

Australia depends on innovation and research, and here in Melbourne we have some of the best researchers in the world. But the old parties repeatedly threaten research funds when setting budgets. This is short-sighted. Research needs secure, long-term public support to create jobs now and into the future.

Protecting Our Forests

Both Labor and the Liberals continue to support the use of our taxpayer dollars to subsidise the logging of our native forests and water catchments. This is ridiculous.

The Greens are campaigning to create a new Great Forest National Park just one and a half hours from Melbourne. This will protect our water supplies, fauna habitat, and carbon stores. With your help, we can make the Great Forest National Park a reality.


Leading the Greens contingent of the Climate March, 2015. 

Keeping Melbourne Liveable

We need to preserve Melbourne's status as the world's most liveable city, which means investing in a clean, fast and affordable public transport system, and ensuring we have appropriate development and access to open spaces.

Ellen is the Greens spokesperson on major cultural events, such as the arts and music festivals which make our city great.

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Building a Fast, Clean and Affordable Public Transport System

Our public transport system is overcrowded and under-funded. It's almost impossible to get on a tram or train in the city at peak hour.

We support the Melbourne Metro Project, expanding the City Loop with new stops in Parkville and North Melbourne, and a train line to the airport. But we also need to future-proof our train signalling, fill in the missing links on our tram network, fix our broken bus system, start planning for Melbourne Metro 2 and finally build Doncaster and Rowville Rail. 

The Greens will continue to be strong advocates for better public transport.

Protecting Our Communities from Out of Control Development

My colleagues Federal MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt and Melbourne City Councillors Rohan Leppert and Cathy Oke, and I have a plan for a Liveable Melbourne.

Under the old parties, planning ministers have been given successively greater powers to bulldoze local governments and community groups. It’s time our planning system worked for the community, not big developers.

I introduced a Bill into Parliament in 2015 to ban big developers from donating to political parties and candidates, but Labor, the Liberals, and the Nationals joined together to vote it down. Now, after a long campaign, new donations rules have passed parliament. Unfortunately the government still refuses to ban donations from big developers or gambling interests. Unlike the old parties, the Greens do not take donations from big developers or gambling interests.

We plan to remove the excessive powers of the Planning Minister to overrule councils and community members, and make sure businesses don’t get more votes on Melbourne City Council than residents.


Cycling is flourishing as a popular alternative to clogged roads and overcrowded public transport, but government hasn’t kept up with investment in bicycle infrastructure.

The Greens will match council funding for bike lanes, fast-track the planned Principle Bicycle Network, and introduce new laws to make the roads safer for cyclists.


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