Breaking news: Port Augusta coal plants to close

The Victorian Greens have warned that the latest coal plant closure in Port Augusta shows that the closure of Hazelwood is inevitable, and have urged the Victorian Government to immediately repower coal regions like the Latrobe Valley with renewable energy.

"First Anglesea coal plant, and now Port Augusta is closing. This shows coal is on the way out. This is an opportunity to repower coal regions with renewable energy, to keep jobs in local towns.
"However, neither the Victorian or SA state governments have transition plans to help the workers and communities move away from the dirty, uneconomic coal of the past and towards the renewable energy of the future. This is deeply irresponsible." said Ellen Sandell, Victorian Greens spokesperson for energy.
"Hazelwood in the Latrobe Valley is the dirtiest coal plant in Australia and has terrible health impacts for the local community. The Victorian State Government must urgently develop a community-led transition plan for the Latrobe Valley to make sure when Hazelwood inevitably shuts, communities and workers aren't left in the lurch" said Ms Sandell.

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