Question To The Minister For Education

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — (11 673) My question is to the Minister for Education. It is projected that within 15 years there will be a shortfall of school places in the inner city of around 4800 primary school places and 2000 secondary school places.

Given these shocking statistics, my question is: when will the government announce a new school for the Docklands or CBD, and will it announce a school for the 15 000 expected residents in the new Arden precinct in North Melbourne? Families are moving out of the Docklands and CBD because there is no local school for their kids, or kids are being sent to nearby North Melbourne Primary School and Carlton Gardens Primary School, both of which are already overflowing.

The government itself has said that every Victorian child deserves a great school, so where are the plans for the new schools to cater for the families in Docklands, the CBD, North Melbourne and surrounding areas?

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