Make Melbourne Safe for Cyclists

Join Ellen Sandell and Adam Bandt and call on Premier Daniel Andrews to make Melbourne safe for cyclists. We urgently need more investment in safer cycling infrastructure and driver education programs.

Dear Premier Daniel Andrews,

It’s time to have a serious conversation about doing what it takes to make Melbourne safe for cyclists. We know that cycling is important for Melbourne’s liveability and that it helps reduce congestion, pollution and to keep our city moving.  

We need the vision to back cycling for the future and make sure cyclists are safe on Melbourne roads.

We call on you to make Melbourne safe for cyclists by:

  • funding a TAC public awareness campaign on dooring and safe driving around cyclists;

  • approving separated bike lanes on Sydney Rd, Flemington Rd, Royal Parade and St Kilda Rd; and

  • investing in an integrated bike lane network that is safe and goes where people need to go.

Who's signing

Steve Pan
Frances Creswick
Helen O'Grady
Rebecca newman
Tristan Rich
Drew Echberg
Helen Smart
Babk Dadvand
Maria Kljuce
Leanne Bennett
Evelyn P
Elizabeth Long
Tom Dorrington
georgie fyfe-jamieson
Michael Little
James Ramsey
Craig Lambie
Sarah Wigg
Nicole McGrath
India Prior
Peter Browne
Danielle Wilson
rhonda nolan
Alexander catto-smith
Scott Daniel
Kemran Mestan
Mark Parncutt
Rob Michael
Christine Hill
Steven Bateman

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