Submissions to the Review of the Flora & Fauna Guarantee Act

Help us speak up for Victoria's threatened species by making a submission to the Review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

The Victorian Government is currently reviewing the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, which is a key part of our legislative framework for protecting and managing biodiversity.

As part of the Review a consultation paper has been released for feedback.

This is our chance to ask Labor to strengthen this legislation to better protect our most vulnerable animals, plants, and birds.

We need you to make a submission before Tuesday 28 March and give a voice to the creatures who can't speak for themselves.

It is most powerful if you can put your submission in your own words, and include stories about places, plants, and animals that matter to you.

Here are the priority areas you should include that our friends at Environmental Justice Australia, Victorian National Parks Association, and Environment Victoria have identified:

  1. A fair go for threatened species by removing exemptions and special treatments for government departments and some industries.
  2. Stronger "stop and protect" powers with clear requirements for the Minister to intervene when important species or habitats are under threat.
  3. A nature cop on the beat that can provide stronger enforcement, real penalties, and better monitoring.
  4. Clear targets and timelines to direct investment and programs for threatened species protection and recovery, across the whole state.
  5. Giving communities the power to act, including the capacity to determine regional plans and ability to initiate legal action to protect threatened species.

Click here to make your submission today!

The form takes five minutes to complete, and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Submissions close Tuesday 28 March so now is the time!

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