Ellen's Track Record

Melbourne voters have had a huge impact on Victorian Parliament by voting Green. With your support, we’ve achieved some amazing things across a number of key areas, including:

Climate Change

  • Campaigning for the retirement of Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest coal power plant - it will be retired from March 2017. We’re now working with the local community on the transition to the clean economy.

  • Topping up the weakened Federal target by securing a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

  • Campaigning alongside farmers and locals to ban fracking in Victoria. We’ve also achieved a four-year moratorium on all onshore gas.


  • Putting the Great Forest National Park on the map to stop logging which endangers the Leadbeater’s possum, and protect our water catchments. This is now a big issue for voters.

  • Moving an inquiry into banning plastic bags and a container deposit scheme for packaging like drink cans and bottles, which will report back in 2017.

  • Campaigning against the damaging use of public beaches for racehorse training, which threatens the endangered Hooded Plover.

  • Voting to stop cattle grazing and prevent large developments in national parks.

Social Justice

  • Securing $6 million of funding for African and migrant job seekers.

  • Securing 3000 new public TAFE places for asylum seekers and refugees.

  • Introducing a Bill to decriminalise peaceful begging on the street - to be voted on in 2017.

  • Achieving a conscience vote in parliament on assisted dying for the terminally ill, after a ten-year campaign of sustained pressure. The vote will come in 2017.

  • Defending workers’ Christmas Pay, which we stopped Labor from cutting.

  • Introducing a bill to ban political donations from property developers. Unfortunately it was voted down by the old parties.

  • Moving an inquiry into retirement housing, bringing to light the exploitation of elderly citizens.

  • Amending the ‘Back to Work’ Bill to ensure transparency and equal benefits for refugees and asylum seekers.

Liveable Melbourne

  • Defeating the terrible East-West toll road, and converting the purchased housing to social housing.

  • Campaigning successfully for two new primary schools for Docklands and North Melbourne (but now we need new secondary schools!).

  • Protecting Melbourne’s heritage, especially against dodgy developers, by supporting tougher legislation.

  • Getting funding reinstated for vital housing and homelessness services.

  • Blocking the dodgy privatisation of the Port of Melbourne, which unfortunately eventually passed with Labor and the Liberals working together.

  • $1.3 Million for an upgrade of Racecourse Road, for better safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and all road users.
  • Helping hundreds of residents with important local issues.

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