Better public transport, not toll roads

The Greens campaigned to stop the disastrous East West toll road. This was a clear message from the community to government to invest in public transport, not toll roads.

No More Toll Roads

The East West toll road was a disastrous project which would have put more cars on the road, created pollution, and left us in debt for decades.

The Greens joined with the community in a long campaign to stop this toll road, and thanks to all your support, the road was stopped!

Now the Labor Government wants to build the West Gate toll road, which faces many of the same problems.

The West Gate toll road is a $6.7 billion band-aid that won’t fix our traffic and truck problems, and will just deliver more profits to private toll company, Transurban. It will funnel thousands more cars into the CBD, North Melbourne, Parkville and Docklands.

We need real, long-term solutions to road congestion in inner Melbourne and beyond.

We want freight on rail, big investment in public transport, and a truck ban on residential streets in the inner west.

The people of the Melbourne deserve a healthy, clean and liveable neighbourhood for decades to come.

We will be working with all affected communities to find real solutions to Melbourne’s congestion problems. The West Gate toll road is not it.

Better Public Transport

The Labor Government isn’t investing enough in public transport. Some of our inner-city tram routes are at 150% capacity in the morning, and it’s nearly impossible to get on a train at peak hour.

We’ve successfully campaigned for the government to upgrade train signalling to improve our train network, buy more trams (and build them right here in Melbourne!) and investigate electric buses.

I’m working with my Greens colleagues to lobby the government to create new east-west public transport links through trams and buses.

The Greens support the Melbourne Metro project to expand the City Loop with new stations in Parkville and North Melbourne, and we want to see Doncaster and Rowville Rail finally built.

We want to see South Kensington and South Yarra train stations added to the Melbourne Metro Project to cater for our growing city for decades to come.

We will continue to be strong advocates for more investment in public transport, and for better infrastructure for cycling and walking.


Celebrating the end of the East West toll road with the local community.

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