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The Government has agreed to set a Victorian Renewable Energy Target, but they still haven’t said how high the target will be. There’s a risk the Government will set a low target like 20% by 2020, which is nowhere near good enough.

The Government are calling for public submissions to determine what the VRET will be. You can help put pressure on them by making a short submission now.

Key points (you may want to include these in your submission):

  • The ACT has a Renewable Energy Target of 100% by 2025, and is on track to achieve it.

  • The ACT’s strong RET has already helped renewable energy projects get built, including the Ararat wind farm here in Victoria.

  • 20% by 2020 is nowhere near good enough. That’s less than Victoria’s fair share of the national RET, which was recently slashed by the Coalition and Federal Labor.

  • The Greens policy is to get to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. We know this is achievable with the technology available to us today. We should be aiming for minimum 80% by 2025.

Submissions close on 30 September 2015 - click here to make your submission now or send an email to renewable.energy@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

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