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Greens step up campaign to protect 488 La Trobe Street from demolition

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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
27 November 2017

Ellen Sandell and the Greens have stepped up their campaign calling on Labor’s Planning Minister Richard Wynne to step in protect heritage building 488 Latrobe Street before it’s demolished by developers. Over 1200 people have signed a petition by local MP Ellen Sandell.

 Minister Wynne refused a request by Melbourne City Council to implement interim heritage controls for the Old Spinks Tinsmiths factory and has now refused requests by local residents for a meeting. 

“The Old Spinks Tinsmiths Factory at 488 La Trobe Street has been recommended for heritage protections for years – most recently by Melbourne City Council in May 2016. But instead of implementing heritage protections, Labor’s Planning Minister Richard Wynne sat on his hands. Now, this beautiful heritage building could be demolished by developers at any moment. Local residents and I are calling on Minister Wynne to urgently step in and protect this important heritage building and we have received over 1200 signatures on our petition in just a few weeks,” said Ellen Sandell, state Greens MP for Melbourne.”

“Unless Mr Wynne intervenes, the Old Spinks Tinsmiths Factory will be replaced by a 60 metre tower of ‘shoe-box’ apartments. Local residents have been asking to meet with the Minister for months, and now more than 1200 people have signed our petition to protect this building. Still, he refuses to even speak to them.”

“It’s clear that the Planning Minister is letting private developers demolish important pieces of our heritage, and it must stop”

“Due to the inaction of this Labor government and previous governments, we’ve lost the Princess Mary Club, the Palace Theatre, and many other heritage buildings. We’re losing what makes Melbourne such a great city. It’s time for the Planning Minister to do his job. He must meet with the community and implement heritage protections now,” she said.

Local residents Sharon Vladusvic, Simon Mitchell-Wong and Lynda Clark have led the charge for the community, and have contacted the Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s office countless times.

“The community is up in arms. Richard Wynne’s office told us they’ve been ‘inundated’ by calls and emails from people supporting our campaign. We’ve been asking for months, but he still won’t meet with us,” said Ms Vladusvic.

“We’ve had support from all over Melbourne, including within the Minister’s own marginal seat of Richmond. I’ve got no doubt that if this demolition goes ahead, it will cost him votes at the next election,” she said.

profile image
Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
27 November 2017




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