The Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, had this to say about the good people of Melbourne:
People are scared to go out to restaurants of a night time because they are followed home by [youth] gangs...

The Minister did not provide any source or a backup for his claims - of course he didn’t. So Melbourne is reacting in the best way it knows how, by going out to the local cafe, pub, restaurant, or bar and indulging in some of our world-class fare.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite eateries for you to go and have a good old-fashioned-fear-free-meal. While you’re at it send Peter Dutton a snap of your dinner/lunch/breakfast/second breakfast/ etc, just to show him that his fear-mongering does not work here.

You can share your foodie pics with him at: peter.dutton@aph.gov.au or on Twitter @PeterDutton_MP or even on Facebook Peter Dutton and if you’re sharing on social media don’t forget the hashtag #MelbourneBitesBack - because we do.

Some of Melbourne’s best African eateries

  • Little Africa Restaurant, 358 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
  • Tastes of Senegal, 480 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Deli Afro Restaurant, 331 Racecourse Rd, Kensington
  • Hashtag Somali Eats, 333 Racecourse Rd, Kensington VIC 3031
  • The Abyssinian, 277 Racecourse Rd, Kensington VIC 3031
  • The Horn, 20 Johnston Street,Collingwood VIC 3066
  • Mesob, 213 High St, Northcote VIC 3070
  • Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant, 328 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
  • New Somali Kitchen, 284 Racecourse Rd, Flemington, Victoria 3031
- The team at the Office of Ellen Sandell.

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