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In the City of Melbourne, businesses get two votes while residents only get one, and property owners have more power than residents.

Labor and the Liberals have set up the unfair voting system to favour big corporations at the expense of local residents.

Democracy means everyone should only have one vote, with one value. Call on the Labor Government to change the unfair system and return true democracy to our Council.

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Why is this important?

In the City of Melbourne, residents make up less than 40% of the electoral roll, while businesses and non-resident property investors make up more than 60%. This makes the City of Melbourne electoral roll the wealthiest and with the highest proportion of men of any council in Australia.

The system is designed to take representation away from the community and give more to the big end of town.

Labor's Local Government Bill 2018 is currently being debated by the Victorian Parliament, but it does nothing to fix this rigged system.

The Greens will introduce an amendment to this Bill to make voting in Council elections more democratic, including limiting the vote to residents.

Businesses and wealthy property owners shouldn't have more influence over who represents us on Council. This is our opportunity to fix the system so that it truly represents us.

Image: Alan Lam under Creative Commons License

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