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Everyone deserves a world-class education, no matter how much their family earns.

Yet Victoria has the lowest funding rate for public schools of any state in Australia. Teachers and students are working in public schools that are underfunded, and often in desperate need of basic maintenance.

I am fighting for more education funding in Victoria, from early childhood to TAFE and university, so our kids can access the education they all deserve.

‘As a mum of two young kids, I know just how important education is for the future of our kids.’

I’m also working to secure the new schools inner Melbourne urgently needs, and to fix the backlog of maintenance issues at our local schools.

I’m proud to have worked with the community to secure $19.8m in funding for a new Docklands Primary School. Now, I’m calling for a proper commitment to a new or expanded primary school in North Melbourne, and a new Docklands High School. Once built, these schools will create jobs for teachers and staff, and reduce class sizes in other overcrowded schools.

Universities are so important to our Melbourne community. I believe everyone should have access to free university education, and I also want to see the State Government restore and properly fund TAFE and the essential vocation training it provides.

Funding teachers, schools, and tertiary education is an investment in our kids and everyone’s future.



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