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Ellen's Submission to RTA Review

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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
13 February 2017

More than 5 million Australians rent their home, and yet we have one of the most expensive and unregulated rental markets in the world.

In Victoria, the Residential Tenancies Act is currently under review, the Act is the main source of protection for renters.  

Ellen surveyed the constituents of Melbourne District and has prepared a submission to the Residential Tenancies Act review.

Read Ellen's submission below.



As the State Member for Melbourne and The Greens spokesperson for housing and Consumer Affairs; Ellen surveyed constituents about their experiences on renting in the state division of Melbourne.

Constituents have had similar experiences, the top issues were:

  • Excessive or frequent rent increases and generally unaffordable rents
  • Lack of minimum standards for rental properties
  • Maintenance issues
  • No provisions for tenants to enter into longer term leases
  • Unfair evictions

We believe there are several possible solutions that could fix and limit a lot of these issues, such as:

  • A limit on rental increases during a set period or some form of rent capping
  • Minimum standards for the conditions of rental properties
  • Increased funding to tenancy support services
  • Options to enter into longer term leases
  • Ending ‘no-grounds’ evictions
  • Longer notice to vacate requirements for long-term tenants.

Click here to download the full submission.

profile image
Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
13 February 2017




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