Clean Energy, Healthy Environment

We need to protect our planet for the future. Everyone deserves affordable, clean and reliable energy that doesn’t pollute our air. We also need a healthy environment.

Supporting Renewable Energy

The energy market is broken. It’s dominated by a few big companies who are pushing prices up and holding back the transition to renewable energy.

Labor and the Liberals continue to let coal companies run our energy system and get away with ripping off Victorians with skyrocketing energy bills.

As the Greens’ Spokesperson for Climate and Energy, I’m proud to have helped secure a Victorian Renewable Energy Target and more investment in renewable energy.

The Greens’ have a plan to transition Victoria’s energy from coal to 100% renewables by 2030. We will also reverse the damage done by privatisation, by bringing our energy system back into public hands.

Our plan is to:

  • Build large-scale, publicly-owned renewable energy and big battery storage in the Latrobe Valley
  • Create Power Victoria, a public energy retailer to bring down prices for all Victorians
  • Put solar panels and batteries on every Victorian school
  • Change the laws and give grants to allow renters, people in apartments and public housing tenants access to solar
  • Upgrade the transmission network to unlock a renewables boom across north and west Victoria.

Our plan will deliver the clean energy future we need.

You can read the detail, including costings, of our plan here.

Replacing Dirty Coal

Earlier this year, Dan Andrews and Labor extended the licenses for two of Victoria’s most polluting coal plants, Yallourn and Loy Yang, until as late as 2048.

Coal is dangerous and toxic. It is destroying our climate and making people sick. We cannot afford another 30 years of toxic coal pollution.

Despite our huge community campaign, Labor left the retirement of the Hazelwood coal power station in the hands of a huge multinational corporation driven by profit.

Hazelwood’s unplanned closure abandoned the community, with no plan for the future.

The Greens have a plan to transition out of all coal in Victoria by 2030, starting with replacing our most polluting power station, Yallourn.

Our plan will create jobs and a clean future for all Victorians.

We’ll build $500 million of publicly-owned storage in the Latrobe Valley and support new offshore wind projects to bring new jobs and industries to the region.

You can see the details and costings for our plans here.

Protecting Nature

Our stunning forests should be protected for all Victorians to enjoy and as habitat for endangered species. Instead, Labor continues to log these forests to make cheap paper. The old parties are pushing endangered species, like the Leadbeater’s Possum, to the brink of extinction.

The Greens will continue to fight to end logging in native forests and create the Great Forest National Park and Emerald Link.

Our national parks protect habitat and water supplies, and allow Victorians and visitors to connect with nature. The Greens will continue to campaign to restore funding to save our National Parks from neglect and corporate development.

As Greens Spokesperson for the Environment, I’m proud to have secured 130 more rangers for our National Parks through negotiation with the Government. But our National Parks need more support.

The Liberals slashed National Parks funding in 2014 and Labor has the worst record on new National Park Creation in 60 years.

We need to restore National Parks funding, create new parks to preserve precious habitat and stop destruction by invasive species.

Our environment is under constant threat from pollution, unchecked development and climate destroying projects.

The Greens will continue to work with local communities to stop projects like the monster gas ship proposed for Crib Point in Westernport Bay, fracking on our farmland and destructive gas exploration along our coasts.

We will also introduce a 10c refund on bottles and cans, and stop cruel practices like duck hunting, battery hens and sow stalls.

See the detail and costings for our plan to Save Our Parks here.

You can find out more about our other initiatives to protect our environment here.

Creating Jobs

Around the world, jobs are booming in renewable energy and sustainability.

The Greens have helped create and secure long-term manufacturing jobs by supporting investment in clean industries like building trams, trains and wind turbines here in Victoria.

Despite our huge community campaign, Labor left the retirement of the Hazelwood coal power station in the hands of a huge multinational corporation driven by profit, not the public good.

Hazelwood’s unplanned closure abandoned the community, with no plan for the future.

The Greens’ planned transition will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The Latrobe Valley has huge potential for new industries and jobs. The planned replacement of coal with renewables is just the beginning.

With the enormous energy network capacity already in the place, the Latrobe Valley is the perfect place to create a battery and storage test-bed for the world.

Creating the Great Forest National Park and increasing funding for national parks will deliver new jobs in tourism, park maintenance and preservation.

We’ll also support the transition for Victoria’s timber workers to sustainable plantation timber.

See our plan for the transition to renewable energy here.


Leading the Greens contingent of the Climate March, 2015. 

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