Fair Society

Victoria needs a government that represents all of us, not just the big end of town. The Greens have a plan that puts the public first.

Schools For Our Kids

All kids should be able to go to great public school in their local community.

Sadly, public education has fallen behind in Victoria. Victoria has the lowest funding rate for public schools of any state in Australia.

I’m proud to have worked with the community to secure $19.8m in funding for a new Docklands Primary School.

Now, I’m calling for a proper commitment to a new or expanded primary school in North Melbourne, and a new Docklands High School.

Victoria has the lowest level of funding for our public schools per capita. We need to bring Victoria’s funding up to the national average. We also need to fix the maintenance backlog across all our public schools within two years, including the hall at Kensington Primary.

The Greens would also restore and properly fund TAFE as the leading provider of low cost, high quality vocational educational training in Victoria. 

See our statewide schools policy detail and costings here.

See our TAFE policy detail and costings here.

A Home for All

Everyone deserves a safe and secure home, but housing in Melbourne is becoming totally unaffordable and Labor is planning to sell-off public housing land in the inner-city.

The Greens initiated an inquiry into public housing, which found that more than 80,000 Victorians are waiting for public housing home. But Labor’s plans to privatise public housing land across nine inner-city estates is a disaster.

The Greens plan to stop Labor’s sell-offs of public housing land and build 40,000 new public housing homes over six years to fix this crisis.

Our plan also includes putting a cap on rent rises and setting strong, minimum energy-efficiency standards for rental homes.

See more detail about our public housing policy and costings here.

Better Healthcare

All Victorians need access to quality, local healthcare. Funding should be allocated based on need, not politics.

Labor has cut funding for community mental health, which will be disastrous for many people in our community. We also need to invest more in preventative health, and better fund community health centres.

The Greens' plan also includes free ambulance cover for all Victorians, so everyone has access to life-saving care when they need it.

See more detail about our community mental health policy and costings here.

See our free ambulance cover policy and costings here.


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