Fix the waste crisis

Victoria's recycling and waste system is a mess

But the good news is that there are affordable and effective solutions.

China won’t take our mixed recycling anymore and Victoria doesn’t have an adequate industry of our own. Recycling companies have been stockpiling materials creating a huge fire risk, and tens of thousands of tonnes of recycling has been dumped in landfill. 

But Victoria could create a system that leads our society in transforming waste, not trashing it. How?

The Greens plan in Victoria includes:

  1. Introduce a 10 cent refund on bottles and cans to reduce litter and increase recycling. Independent costing shows this would make $550m over ten years for Victoria’s budget!

  2. Introduce separate household bins for compost and glass, so these don’t go to landfill.

  3. Ban unnecessary single-use plastics like cutlery and packaging, that are clogging our oceans, parks and streets.

  4. Invest in a world-class recycling industry right here in Victoria and create a local market for recycled materials.

  5. Say NO to polluting, toxic waste incinerators, which are nothing more than a short-cut attempt to burn our waste problems.

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