Ellen meets with AMSSA and local residents at North Melbourne mosque

This afternoon Ellen and Adam met with local residents and AMSSA to discuss the Greens jobs and housing plans.

You can read more about our plans below.


Inner-city Melbourne has the highest number of public housing residents in Australia, but Liberal and Labor have not supported public housing and things are getting worse.

The Greens will:

• Stop the Liberals’ plan to privatise and sell-off large swathes of public housing.

• Build more public housing.

• Create a Housing Ombudsman so tenants have somewhere to go with complaints or disputes.

• Invest more in maintenance and security for public housing.



If elected, the Greens use our power in the Parliament to:

• Amend the Public Administration Act of 2004 to set targets for the Victorian Public Sector to employ more people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities and people with a disability, to ensure migrants and people from refugee backgrounds have more access to employment.

• Fund a one-stop shop run by the local community to help connect migrant job-seekers with training, employment, and to get their qualifications recognised in Australia.

• Give incentives to employers to employ people from CALD communities and people with a disability.

• Encourage the manufacture more public transport and renewable energy here in Victoria to create jobs.



• Invest in better healthcare and education for everyone, not just the wealthy, including $200 million for a new Women’s and Children’s

- Centre at Sunshine Hospital to give a better deal for those in the western suburbs.

• Create new laws to protect our parks and open space from big developments.

• Support the new pedestrian crossing on Boundary Road.

• Invest in our public schools, including $10 million for Carlton Primary School for facilities and buildings upgrades.


The Greens have many other policies to create a fairer society. For more information, visit www.ellensandell.com/policies


Adam Bandt has been a strong local member who has helped solve over one thousand visa, housing and other issues for local people. Having a Greens MP at the state level can help us fix our housing crisis, create more public transport and create a better education and health system. The Greens will make sure Labor actually delivers on their promises. We will stand up for a fairer society.

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