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Is Your Family A Bit Wild?

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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
28 March 2017

Bring the family and a picnic to celebrate the launch of the Wild Families program with the Victorian National Parks Association and friends at Yarra Bend Park in Fairfield.

Grown-ups and children are encouraged to join us to:
  • Be wild animals and have your face painted as an Australian animal.
  • Be wild explorers and map your discoveries on the Bushland Circuit Trail.
  • Be wild artists and create nature-based artwork by the Yarra River.
  • Be wild scientists with binoculars, microscope and wildlife cameras at the Scientists’ Tent.
  • Dress wild – but don't forget that it should also be practical for an outdoor adventure!
Wild Families Launch
Sunday, 23 April from 11am-2pm,
Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield. 
Registration essential at
Wild Families is a new program that supports families with children under 12 years old to enjoy, learn about, and look after nature together. The program works with local councils and land managers to develop fun resources for families to enhance their enjoyment of nature.
These resources include activities that can be done anywhere, feature special locations to discover nature, a sneak peek into the family life of Victorian wildlife, and fun ways to care for nature. There will be four Wild Families outdoor activities each year.

Registrations are essential! Book at
Wild Families is a Victorian National Parks Association program with support from Bank Australia’s Impact Fund.
profile image
Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
28 March 2017




Here's what we achieved together in 2021

As the year comes to an end I want to reflect on some of the great wins that we’ve achieved together. 


Free the Park Hotel prisoners

The treatment of the asylum seekers being held inside the Park Hotel is unfathomably cruel.After 8 years in detention, these people are now facing yet another struggle - against COVID-19.I asked the Victorian Government to advocate to release these people from this hotel prison immediately.


COLOUR IT: What are you most looking forward to when Melbourne re-opens?

We have all worked so hard and sacrificed so much to keep our community safe during this pandemic. Now it's time to re-open and revitalise our incredible city! Young people of Melbourne - what are you most looking forward to doing? 


MEDIA RELEASE: Greens fear Government is setting new 'Arden' precinct up to fail

The Victorian Government today released the final Arden Structure Plan, for a new precinct in inner city Melbourne that the State Government says will be home to 15,000 residents and 34,000 employees by 2050.