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Joint Statement from the Presiding Officers

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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
23 March 2017

We are shocked and saddened by the terror attack around the Westminster parliamentary precinct in London.

We offer our condolences to the victims of this terrible attack, to their families and to the British people.

The Victorian Parliament stands in solidarity with the United Kingdom Parliament, the home of our Westminster system of parliamentary democracy. The values and traditions that we hold dear will always endure in the face of such terror.

An additional security presence will be visible at the Victorian Parliament in light of this attack in London. We wish to reassure our community that all measures necessary are being taken to protect the safety of our community in and around our parliamentary precinct.


Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC, President of the Legislative Council

Hon Colin Brooks MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

profile image
Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
23 March 2017



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