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Here in Melbourne, we want to enjoy neighbourhoods that are easy to move around in, have great public transport, and have plenty of safe, green public spaces to exercise, meet with friends, and relish nature.

‘I’m a proud Kensington local. I love our vibrant city, and I’ll always work to ensure Melbourne is a great place for people and local businesses.’

I’ve been fighting for years to protect and expand public spaces and protect our heritage. For too long, big property developers have had too much influence over the planning of our city.

I’m also working hard for better and accessible public transport, safer cycling routes and better pedestrian access.

So far I have:

  • Won $22 million for safer cycling and better bike infrastructure
  • Defeated the terrible East-West toll road, and converted the purchased housing to social housing
  • Protected Melbourne’s heritage, especially against dodgy developers, by supporting tougher legislation
  • Blocked the dodgy privatisation of the Port of Melbourne, which unfortunately eventually passed with Labor and the Liberals working together
  • Won $1.3 million for an upgrade of Racecourse Road, for better safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and all road users
  • Helped hundreds of residents with important local issues

But I’m not finished yet! Next I want to see:

  • Mandated affordable housing in all new property developments
  • More affordable, sustainable and community led housing
  • Increased sustainability of all new urban development, including solar panels or green roofs on new apartment buildings above three storeys
  • Restoring the rights of the community in local decision making, including VCAT, to stop developers gaming the system
  • Protected local parks, green spaces, and heritage.
  • Public transport brought back into public hands, so that it runs for the public good, not private profit
  • No more toll roads
  • Upgrades to South Kensington Station and make more trains stop there
  • High-capacity signalling on the Craigieburn line, so trains can run every 3 minutes at Kensington and Newmarket stations
  • Safer cycling and pedestrian infrastructure
  • More frequent and reliable buses including on Route 402
  • A new east-west tram in the city’s inner north



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