Greens Call For Liveable Apartments

In a major shakeup to apartment living, the Victorian Greens have launched a detailed plan to deliver high quality, affordable and sustainable apartment housing.

Apartment living is a reality for many people in Victoria, and it should not come with a list of compromises. The state government has failed to deal with many of the issues facing apartment dwellers, and the Greens have a plan to ensure the Government can't ignore these issues any longer.

The Greens’ plan includes.

  • Changing the rules to give people in apartments access to solar panels.
  • Mandating minimum apartment sizes and and distances between apartment buildings.
  • Regulating apartments that are let out full-time only as short-stays, to make sure apartment towers don’t just become de facto hotels which push up rent prices.
  • Requiring the state Government to immediately intervene to pay to fix flammable cladding and then reclaim the costs from developers or builders, rather than leaving it to owners to fix the mess
  • Providing a third weekly bin collection - for kitchen waste - for all Victorian residents to reduce waste going to landfill, which is especially important for apartments where on-site composting is difficult.
  • Capping rent rises at inflation so housing stays affordable, especially in the inner city
  • Mandating green roofs or solar panels for all new apartment buildings.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens member for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell

“Right now in Victoria, Labor and the Liberals allow developers to build huge, poor-quality apartment towers just to make a quick profit. There is no thought for the quality of life of the people who are going to live there.

“The Greens have a plan to make sure all apartments are high quality, sustainable and safe, and that apartment buildings are thriving communities.

“With minimum apartment sizes, access to cheap and clean solar energy, regulation of the out-of-control short-stay industry and capping rent increases, the Greens’ plan will make sure all those who live in apartments have their quality of life improved and protected.”

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