Keeping Melbourne Liveable

We need a plan for our future that puts the interests of people first to create thriving and sustainable communities.

Politics for the Public Good

Politicians should act in the public interest, not under the influence of corporations like property developers or gambling companies.

When Labor and Liberal governments sell or lease public assets and services such as our electricity network, public transport, the Land Titles Office and the Port of Melbourne, corporations make huge profits, but people are left with more expensive and less reliable services.

Now Labor wants to privatise our public housing land, Federation Square and disability group homes.

I will stop further privatisations and return control of vital public services like transport and energy back into public hands.

I will hold the government to account in putting the community and the public good first.

Contact my office for further details.

Planning for the People

For too long, big property developers have had too much influence over the planning of our city.

After a long campaign led by me, new donations rules have passed Parliament to ban big donations to political parties. Unfortunately, Labor still won’t ban donations from property developers or the gambling industry, and these rules don’t apply in Council elections.

I have a plan to put people first in planning.

I will transform planning to deliver more affordable and sustainable homes, create thriving neighbourhoods and give communities more certainty.

My plan includes

  • Mandating affordable housing in all new property developments
  • Encouraging more affordable, sustainable and community led housing
  • Providing certainty by ensuring consistent planning controls, including mandatory height limits and minimum apartment sizes
  • Rapidly increasing the sustainability of all new urban development, including solar panels or green roofs on new apartment buildings above three storeys
  • Restoring the rights of the community in local decision making, including VCAT, to stop developers gaming the system
  • Fixing the City of Melbourne gerrymander that gives businesses a greater say than local residents
  • Protecting our local parks, green space, and heritage.

Contact my office for further details.

Science and Innovation

Victoria is a world-leader in medical research. Researchers have discovered new vaccines, drugs and treatments that are saving lives.

Sadly, Labor and the Liberals have let medical research funding slide, and we’re at risk of falling behind.

Our medical researchers need our support to make new discoveries that will benefit us all, create new jobs, and grow medical research in Victoria.

My plan includes supporting Australia’s first Drug Discovery Centre and helping researchers turn their scientific discoveries into practical benefits.

I’ll also create the Victorian Centre for Gender Equity in Science, to break down the barriers to women’s success in research.

Contact my office for further details.


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