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Poll shows surge in support to the Greens in Melbourne and Richmond

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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
8 November 2014

The Greens say a Lonergan Poll in the State seats of Melbourne and Richmond show a strong shift to the Greens which put them in front in both seats even if the Liberals preference Labor.
The Lonergan Poll conducted last week puts Ellen Sandell in Melbourne in a winning position on 53 two party-preferred and Kathleen Maltzhan in Richmond on 54 two party-preferred.
The polls also shows 3 in 5 voters would like to see a Labor government with the Greens in the balance of power and half of those polled support the Greens stance against the East West tollway compared with only a quarter who support Labor’s position.
“This exciting poll result is thanks to the hundreds of people volunteering their time to campaign for a fair society, clean economy and a more liveable Melbourne” said Ellen Sandell, Greens candidate for the state seat of Melbourne.
“The poll confirms that even the Liberals collaborate with Labor on preferences we can still win seats in the inner city.”
“It reflects the desire for strong, independent and progressive voices in Parliament rather than Labor backbenchers who will be under the sway of the factions” Ms Sandell continued.
Kathleen Maltzahn, Greens candidate for Richmond, said “"This poll reinforces the palpable mood for change in Richmond, people have been telling me for months they want a change in government and a change in politics. I have been hearing peoples frustration and disappointment with both the ALP and the Liberals on the East West tollway, public transport, housing affordability, TAFE cuts and on family violence."
“Voters know the difference their vote made when they sent Adam Bandt in to Federal parliament – they want to make the same difference here for Victoria.”
“This is just one poll however, and we won’t be taking anyone’s support for granted. Kathleen and I will be speaking with voters about the issues that they care about right up until close of polls on November 29th” said Ms Sandell.
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Ellen Sandell
State MP for Melbourne
8 November 2014




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