Greens welcome closure of Anglesea power station

"The Greens have long supported the community's loud calls for Anglesea to close. Today's announcement is a huge win for the community and for the climate, but our dirtiest power station, Hazelwood must be next" said Greens Energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell.

Ms Sandell made a statement in Parliament last week, highlighting the toxic impacts of Anglesea power station. (See statement)
"Alcoa couldn't find a buyer for Anglesea, which shows that coal power is on the way out," said Ms Sandell.
"Anglesea is the first brown coal domino to fall, and Hazelwood must be next. The Andrews Government must urgently make a plan to close Hazelwood and support the community and workers in Anglesea and the Latrobe Valley" she said.
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Greens to amend Andrews’ Back to Work Act

This morning Ellen met with Tabotu Teklemariam and Omar Farah from the Australian African community, and spoke with them about employment opportunities and their experiences in applying for work in Australia.

Tabotu Teklemariam, is a Bachelor of Arts graduate who is about to start her Masters of Counselling. Tabotu majored in Indigenous Australian history, and has run leadership camps for young people as well as volunteered with African and Indigenous communities.

Tabotu spoke about her experiences of applying for work. She told Ellen that when applying for jobs she had submitted two identical applications, one with the name Tabotu Teklemariam and another with the name "Tabitha Miriam". On many occasions, only the CV with Tabitha Miriam received a call back. This is just one example of the difficulties that the African Australian community face when seeking employment. For too long, this issue has been ignored by the old parties. Ellen is seeking to amend the Premier's first Bill to to include employment of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the payroll tax incentives contained within Labor’s Back to Work Act.



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Greens candidate for Melbourne has condemned Labor's environment policy.

"Four days before the election, at 5.10pm, we finally see Labor’s environment policy and it's a disgrace." said Ms Sandell.

"It will let loggers decide the future of our forests and will keep open our dirtiest coal power stations. It makes it clear that if Victorians want action on climate change and the environment we need Greens MPs in Parliament, pushing Labor and Liberal to get their heads' out of the sand."

"Daniel Andrews and the Labor party have let Victorians down with this sorry excuse for a policy." said Ms Sandell.

Contact - Claire 0430 144 790

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Greens to safeguard Victoria against inevitable failure of coal power

The Greens are warning Victoria will suffer devastating job losses and hits to the local economy if a plan to phase out the dirtiest power stations isn't put in place before they fail.
"The closure of old Victorian power stations is inevitable," said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne. "With huge excess power supply and last century technology, they will become junk assets within the next five years, unable to compete with cheap, cleaner energy. "Victoria has a choice between a series of abrupt business failures that will cost jobs and rattle the economy, or a planned phase-out that will preserve jobs and the state's skills base," said Senator Milne.
To that end, the Greens are today launching a two-pronged federal and state push to phase out Victoria's dirty coal, while using funds from the Commonwealth's Building Stronger Regions Fund to deliver a jobs taskforce. 
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Liberals announce they will preference Greens last

Greens candidate Ellen Sandell says the Liberals preferencing against her shows the Greens are the real opposition to Napthine and Abbott this election.

"The Liberals desperately want Labor to hold inner-city seats because they won't put up a fight against Napthine and Abbott, won't build Doncaster Rail, won't stop the privatisation of TAFE and won't close down our dirtiest coal power stations. This announcement gives voters in Melbourne a clear choice: to do what Napthine wants to vote for the Liberal-endorsed candidate Jennifer Kanis, or vote for a strong Greens representative" said Ms Sandell

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Greens plan to Plan Melbourne

Melbourne Greens candidate for Melbourne Ellen Sandell and Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber today announced the Greens’ plan to return the future shape of Melbourne to residents.


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Poll shows surge in support to the Greens in Melbourne and Richmond

The Greens say a Lonergan Poll in the State seats of Melbourne and Richmond show a strong shift to the Greens which put them in front in both seats even if the Liberals preference Labor.
The Lonergan Poll conducted last week puts Ellen Sandell in Melbourne in a winning position on 53 two party-preferred and Kathleen Maltzhan in Richmond on 54 two party-preferred.
The polls also shows 3 in 5 voters would like to see a Labor government with the Greens in the balance of power and half of those polled support the Greens stance against the East West tollway compared with only a quarter who support Labor’s position.
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Greens call on old parties to get on board 402 bus improvements

Greens candidate for Melbourne Ellen Sandell has announced a push for improvements to public transport to provide a high-reliability, high frequency cross-town option for residents in Kensington, North Melbourne and Carlton and is calling on the Labor and Liberal party to get on board.
“Our tram and train network was built in a time when everyone worked in the CBD. It’s in desperate need of a revamp and the Greens are committed to delivering this. It's time for the old parties to get on board,” Ms Sandell said, talking today to commuters using the 402 bus in Kensington.
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Sandell calls on young people: make your voice heard this election.

Greens Candidate for the seat of Melbourne, Ellen Sandell is calling for young Victorians to enrol to the electoral role to take part in the State Election.

“93% of Victorians are enrolled to vote, which is above the national average. However, youth enrollment is 13% below the average - meaning 1 in 5 young people aren't enrolled. This could have a huge impact on the outcome of the election. Today Napthine has gone to visit Governor Alex Chernov, signalling that the countdown to the election is on. Now is the time for people to check their details and make sure they're heard at this election.”

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Greens and community force Labor to change position

In light of the Labor’s announcement that they will rip up East West contracts if court action from Yarra and Moreland councils is successful, Greens are celebrating with community groups while remaining wary of Labor’s tricky new stance.
“Let's be clear, the reason Labor have backflipped  is because the Greens and the community have put pressure on them, especially in the inner city seats.
“We are glad Labor are now saying they may rip up the East West contracts, but there are tricky strings attached that Labor aren't talking about. Their position is conditional on winning a court case after the election. Why don't they just come out and say they'll rip up the contracts no matter what?
“They themselves have said there's no legal risk to doing so.
“This just goes to show we need Greens in Parliament after November to hold Labor to account on their promises and make sure this disastrous toll road doesn't go ahead" said Miss Sandell
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