Support available to your local Melbourne business

Last updated 25/08/20 

We know it's a tough time for our local Melbourne businesses, and there’s a lot of information to sift through about the options available to you. 

We’ve put together a list of local, state and federal government opportunities available to you if your business is struggling from the effects of the lockdown.

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Supporting Melbourne public housing communities

On Saturday July 4 the Victorian Labor government announced that nine public housing towers in North Melbourne and Flemington would be placed under a “hard lockdown” preventing residents from leaving their home for at least five days. 

The Greens have supported and will continue to support governments taking a ‘health-first’ approach, but this response needs to be care-led, not force-led. 

These unprecedented lockdowns have created appalling outcomes for residents, who are fearful and uncertain about the support services on offer. 

The Greens are calling on the Victorian Government to implement a care-led response and listen to the needs of the community. 

Are you a resident needing assistance? 

If you live in one of the public housing flats that is in lockdown and you need any assistance, my team and Adam Bandt’s team are here to help. Call us on: (03) 9417 0759 or email us at:

Are you a community member hoping to provide assistance? 

If you know a resident that needs support, please ask them to get in touch with our team on (03) 9417 0759 or email

Providing food and essentials 

We have been overwhelmed with offers of donations and assistance. Thank you to everyone for your generosity. 

The Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA) is coordinating food deliveries. They are receiving large volumes of food donations already. 

If you have the means, we encourage you to make a financial donation to local organisations working on the ground:

Fixing Public Housing 

Labor and Liberal Governments have neglected public housing for years. Now, Melbourne residents in cramped and overcrowded estates are facing ‘hard lockdown’, unlike anyone else in Australia.

Residents have raised concerns about empty hand sanitiser, broken lifts forcing people to huddle into one small space, large families in tiny apartments and 5+ years waiting to transfer to a bigger property, and very little COVID information provided in local languages.

Victoria spends the lowest amount on public housing of any state in Australia. There are 80,000 people on the waiting list including 25,000 children. For years, we’ve called for the Government to build more and better public housing. It shouldn't take a pandemic for the Government to do this. Instead, the Andrews Government is selling off public housing land across inner Melbourne.

Right now, these residents need direct help, and we’re working on getting them the support they need. 

But for the long-term, we need to take better care of people. We need to invest in a public housing system we can be proud of, that provides good homes for everyone.

Please sign the petition to call on the Premier and the Andrews Government to fix public housing and build more public housing in Victoria.

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Facilities for Women's Sport

Earlier this year, Ellen and I met with clubs and players at Brens Pavilion.

The number of women and girls using the facilities is growing fast, which is wonderful. But the facilities were built for men in the 60's and are in dire need of repair.

I'm delighted that Council has decided to expedite detailed designs to refurbish Brens Pavilion in our 2019-20 Council Budget.

- Greens Councillor Rohan Leppert

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Safer Cycling in the CBD

The current peak-hour only bike lanes on Exhibition Street just aren’t safe.

I’m delighted that Melbourne City Council supported my proposal last night to make Exhibition St a fully separated bicycle route, linking the busy Canning and Yarra Trail cycling corridors.

This will cost $2.6m and a lot of lost revenue in on-street parking, but safety comes first.

- Greens Councillor Rohan Leppert

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Adam Bandt Re-Elected in Melbourne!

A message from Adam:

Melbourne, thank you.

I am proud to have been re-elected for a fourth time as the Member for Melbourne. It is such a privilege to represent this wonderful, diverse and creative electorate.

Thank you to the people of Melbourne for voting to stop climate breakdown, for choosing equality and hope over division and fear. In an election that has left a lot of people worried about the fate of our country, the people of Melbourne have spoken loudly.

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