Your chance to be part of democracy in action in Melbourne.

Are you passionate about social justice? The environment? Local community issues? Workers' rights? Looking to be part of the solution? Here’s your opportunity to gain first-hand experience volunteering with Melbourne's Lower House Federal and State representatives and make an impact in an exciting Federal election year.

Adam Bandt MP and Ellen Sandell MLA are looking for volunteers to join their teams in Melbourne for the first half of 2019.

The volunteer training program is an opportunity to develop your skills and contribute to the community.

We know skills can be built quickly. Initiative and a thirst for knowledge are the most important qualities we are looking for.  

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Remembering Black Saturday

This week, most Victorians will think back to exactly where they were on Black Saturday.

For many, the memories are still incredibly raw and traumatic.

These are my reflections on this awful day.

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Labor Attempt to Dodge Questions

The Victorian Greens will today move two amendments to the Victorian Parliament Sessional Orders designed to improve democracy during this term of Parliament.

The Andrews Government wants to remove the requirement for ministers to respond adequately to questions during question time.

Previously, if the Speaker felt a response was inadequate, they had the power to direct ministers to provide a written response the following day. Greens deputy leader Ellen Sandell will move to ensure the Speaker retains this power so the government has less opportunity to dodge questions they don't want to answer.

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Greens Win Melbourne!

We did it!!

It’s been a close count, but I can now share that I’ve been re-elected as the State MP for Melbourne for another 4 years!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this campaign. It was a close race, but your hard work doorknocking, talking to voters on the phone, standing at train stations, and volunteering in other ways got us over the line. Thank you.

I’m also humbled by the support of the voters of Melbourne, who have put their faith in me for another 4 years. It’s heartening to see that so many people care deeply about protecting our environment, standing up for public housing and acting on climate change. These are the issues we will continue to work on in the next term of Parliament.

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Greens announce plan to make the Yarra swimmable again

The Victorian Greens have launched an ambitious plan to make the Yarra/Birrarung clean again, so it’s possible to swim in it within the reaches of the CBD.

The recent Yarra River Action Plan is a great step towards restoring the health of the Yarra, but it’s only the start. It was only 50 years ago that the people of Melbourne swam in the Yarra, and we can make it a reality again.

The Greens’ plan will:

  • Add a new ‘swimmability’ objective to the Yarra River Action Plan
  • Direct responsible authorities to work with the community and identify opportunities for making parts of the Yarra swimmable again, including assessing community proposals such as the Yarra Pools proposal
  • Work with Traditional Owners to ensure their sovereignty is respected and their knowledge informs the health of our rivers
  • Reform the Water Act so that rivers like the Yarra have enough water for a clean and healthy environment
  • Restore riverbanks and create new National Parks to protect water catchments
  • Give the EPA stronger powers to make polluters take responsibility for their contaminated water
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