The Venny

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — I raise a matter for the attention of the Premier. Melbourne has yet again been named the world's most livable city. While for many people Melbourne is a great place to live, for many other residents living in Melbourne can be tough. This is especially true for many of my constituents, who live in public housing.

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Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — I rise to affirm that the Greens will also be supporting the bill. I have only a few short remarks to make. As has been mentioned, the bill tightens the net on serious sex offenders. It aims to close immediate gaps in the justice and corrections system and give Victoria Police and Corrections Victoria the extra powers they need to manage serious sex offenders on supervision orders.

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Public housing

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — Victoria faces a housing crisis with over 33 000 people on the waiting list for public housing and with emergency housing services operating above their capacity. The crisis needs urgent government action, and I was disappointed to see virtually no new money for public housing in this year's budget. I am also disappointed that the government seems to have no plans for significantly increasing public housing stock and has refused to answer questions on whether it still plans to transfer 12 000 public housing units to the private sector, as was the previous government's plan.

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Stop cuts to solar feed-in tariff

Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the Victorian Government must immediately reverse cuts to the solar feed-in-tariff.

Yesterday the Essential Services Commission announced that the amount households get paid for feeding their energy into the grid will be cut from 6.2c per kWh to 5c per kWh, costing households hundreds of dollars a year.

"It's extremely disappointing the Labor Government is slashing the solar incentives when we should be encouraging people to install solar panels, not punishing them." said Ms Sandell.

"It simply doesn't make sense. This policy punishes households who have solar panels and risks jobs in the renewables industry".

“The Government should mandate a fair price for people who have solar panels to encourage more uptake of renewable energy."

“The Minister has a decision to make. Will she support the clean renewable energy of the future, or side with anti-renewables dinosaurs like Tony Abbott?" Ms Sandell said.

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First step towards a clean energy economy

Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says:
"We welcome the Government's renewables plan as a good first step, but we will need bolder action to make the transition to a clean energy economy. It's great we will see more wind farms built in Victoria, but if we are really serious about addressing climate change the Government must also urgently replace our dirtiest coal-fired power stations like Hazelwood."

"This renewables announcement is a good start, but it will only make a real difference if it is backed up by a plan to end our toxic dependence on coal. We urgently need to replace Hazelwood and transition our state to renewable energy."
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