Solar feed-in cuts unfair

Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the proposed cut to the price paid for electricity fed into the grid by solar customers is unfair and will only benefit big energy companies.
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Tenancy rights

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — Today I raise several important issues regarding housing affordability and tenants' rights. As younger Australians confront the lack of housing affordability in Melbourne, long-term renting will become more and more the norm. Housing is a human right, and everyone should be able to access safe, affordable, and appropriate housing. Governments need to urgently address housing affordability through measures such as abolishing negative gearing and investing significantly in public housing. However, as renting for longer periods becomes the norm, state governments have a role and a responsibility to strengthen the protections afforded to tenants under Victorian law.

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Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015

Ms SANDELL (Melbourne) — I rise to confirm that the Greens oppose the privatisation, through sale or through long-term lease, of the port of Melbourne. We do so for four primary reasons, which I will outline. Firstly, public assets that are likely to be monopolies are best kept in public hands. We should not be selling off one of the state's last remaining public assets. Secondly, privatisation will make it almost impossible to steer a good transport policy in this state. Thirdly, the local impacts have not been adequately addressed. Fourthly, this will hurt our economy, especially our export competitiveness, and especially in regional Victoria.

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Ellen calls for funding the Melbourne Employment Forum

My question is to the Minister for Employment. One of the most common issues my constituents bring up with me is a lack of employment for people from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Unemployment among migrant communities is much higher than the state average. Community leaders have recognised employment as their biggest challenge, and with my support and the support of the federal member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, have created the Melbourne Employment Forum (MEF).

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Media release: Hazelwood power station to burn native forests

The Greens have revealed that Hazelwood power station could remain open for years to come by burning Victoria's native forests for energy, under changes to the federal RET passed this week.
"The dodgy deal done by Abbott and Federal Labor on the Renewable Energy Target will send our precious native forests to burn in Hazelwood, Australia's dirtiest power station" said Ellen Sandell, Victorian Greens spokesperson for Energy.
Hazelwood was slated to shut years ago, but its life was extended by state Governments desperate to prop up coal. It's an unsafe plant that's not being maintained and needs to close. However, under the new RET rules, Hazelwood has been approved to burn native forests which means it could stay open for years by destroying our precious, endangered habitat and keep polluting communities of the Latrobe Valley.
"This is yet another reason why we urgently need to replace Hazelwood to cut pollution, to make the switch to clean, renewable energy, and to save our native forests and endangered species from going up in smoke" said Ms Sandell.
"Replacing Hazelwood with clean energy will create sustainable jobs in clean industries, rather than propping up a dirty and outdated power station that wants to profit from burning our precious native forest" she said.
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