Mark Latham is wrong about Melbourne's attitude to asylum seekers

To quote Julian Burnside, “you don’t need a bleeding heart to know asylum seekers should be treated humanely, just a beating one.”

Julian Burnside is one of the “human rights” lawyers and refugee advocates that Mark Latham speaks so scathingly about in his recent opinion piece, in which he suggests inner city residents only care about asylum seekers as long as they don't live anywhere near them.

The people of inner Melbourne beg to differ.

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Conversations for change – doorknocking in North Melbourne

Luke is a neighbourhood organiser, and has written this blog about his experiences doorknocking on Ellen's campaign. Door knocking is the most valuable thing a volunteer can do to help us win the election. If you're interested in attending a training or going out doorknocking, you can sign up here.

 It’s a crisp and sunny Saturday morning in July. I'm buzzing about the kitchen with a coffee in hand, making sure the kettle is boiled, cups are out, slice is on the table and that the door knock training materials are blue-tacked up and are ready to go. Because in about 2 minutes, about 10 of my favourite type of people in the world – Greens volunteers - will be knocking on my door looking to take their passion to the streets!

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Carbon Tax Repeal Confusion

The new Senate is Abbott's only chance at removing the price on carbon. The Greens have been consistent in their policy and voting against any repeal but there has been nothing but confusion in the Senate today. Gags, back flips, "swifty pulling" and a lot of back-and-forth make for a confusing Senate to follow, so below we've got a timeline to help you understand!


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Weekly Wrap 4th July

Welcome to your weekly wrap up for The Greens Victorian election campaign, this week there's updates on the East-West toll road, 153 Tamil asylum seekers at sea and fiery criticism from Nobel Prize Winners.

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Let's Get Started Neighbourhood Doorknock

The campaign launch was only the beginning. Tomorrow and Sunday we’re hitting the streets for our first door knock. We have big targets for our campaign -- to knock on every door in the Melbourne electorate -- and we can’t wait to get started.

 We need you to help us make these targets a reality. Can you join a neighbourhood team for our first door knock on 14-15 June? 

Click on the Let’s Get Started door knock session you're attending, or interested in attending, for more information: 

Kensington, Saturday 14 June, 10AM

Carlton, Saturday 14 June, 10AM

North Melbourne, Saturday 14 June, 2PM

Parkville, Sunday 15 June, 10AM 


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