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The Greens launch plan to end coal in Victoria

The Victorian Greens have released their plan to upgrade the state’s power network and build $9 billion worth of Government-owned large-scale renewable energy over the next 10 years, ending the need for coal fired power generation by 2030 and protecting us from climate change.

Upgrading the  transmission network will release the handbrake on stalled renewable energy projects that are on hold because of a lack of grid capacity.

While the Greens welcome the state government’s investment in wind and solar, without a plan to get out of coal, climate change will continue to get worse including the drought conditions currently impacting the state.

The Greens plan includes:

  • Upgrading the transmission network to allow a renewables boom across north and west Victoria, as there are2300MW of solar and wind projects in Victoria stalled because of lack of grid capacity.
  • Building $9 billion worth of Government-owned large-scale renewable energy over the next 10 years
  • Significantly increasing the Victorian Renewable Energy Target
  • A timeline to terminate the licenses of all Victoria's brown coal plants by 2030
  • A transition plan for the Latrobe Valley to create new industries and jobs, including making the Latrobe Valley the battery and storage test-bed of the world with an initial immediate investment of $500 million to build big batteries and pumped hydro storage.
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Victorian Bank Levy

The Greens have announced our plan to raise $1.5 billion through a levy on the big banks

Banks should be working for us, but the Royal Commission has shown us that they’ve racked up super profits off the back of shocking behaviour, and our governments are propping them up.

The Greens’ plan for a levy on the big four banks, plus Macquarie bank, will return some of the super-profits of the banks to all Victorians. This means more public money for our schools, hospitals, public transport, and essential services across Victoria.

The Greens’ plan to establish a Victorian Bank Levy would bring in $1.5 billion of revenue over four years, according to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO).

This is the first costing released by the newly-created Victorian PBO.

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Power Victoria

The Greens have announced our plan for Power Victoria: a public retailer with cheaper electricity for all Victorians.

Privatisation of our electricity system has failed. When Kennett handed over our electricity system to private corporations to make a profit, it made electricity more expensive, less reliable and kept it dirty.

Electricity is an essential service that every Victorian needs to live a good life. We need an electricity system run for people, not profit.

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More gas not needed

The Victorian Greens have called on the the Andrews Labor Government to transition Victoria away from polluting, expensive
gas, as reports today show wind and solar projects will soon have the capacity to power more than 2.9 million homes.

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State Netball and Hockey Centre Consultation

The State Government recently announced $64.6m to redevelop the State Netball and Hockey Centre, with a particular focus on women's sport.

This Saturday, you'll have the chance to ask questions and have your say about the redevelopment.

Project team members from various stakeholders (Netball Victoria, Hockey Victoria, Development Victoria, Sport and Rec Victoria and more) will be in attendance to answer questions from the public and seek input of the design.

Details below:

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