Our State. Not For Sale.

Today, the Greens launched our new campaign: Our State. Not For Sale.

Privatisation has failed Victorians. We won't stand for our state being sold off for corporate profits any longer. Learn more about the campaign and take action at state4sale.org.

Here's my full speech from the campaign launch:

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ELLEN: Save Our Snow Season

The Victorian Greens are appealing to the Andrews Government to recognise the link between fossil fuels and climate change, and take urgent measures to protect the state's environment.

Reports today state Victoria's snow season will be a thing of the past in our lifetime, bushfires will be more common, and rare plants and animals will be put under even more stress or lost all together.

Just this year, the Andrews Government has committed to several projects that will extract more fossil fuels from the ground, accelerating climate change. These include giving the greenlight for more gas exploration and a hairbrain skeme to convert brown coal into hydrogen.

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Budget-Reply: Our Vision for Victoria

Yesterday, I gave my budget-reply speech, outlining the Greens' alternative vision for Victoria. Here it is, in full:

Today I rise to give the Greens' budget reply speech for 2018. The Victorian budget is about much more than just a set of numbers. A budget, especially in an election year, shows us exactly where the government's priorities lie.

The government may tell us what they care about, but it is not until we see money in the budget that we know for sure. In short, it is about governments putting their money where their mouth is.

So what does this 2018 budget say about the Andrews Labor government's priorities?

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2018 Budget Has Victoria's Priorities Out of Whack

The Victorian Budget is more than just a bunch of numbers. It lets us know what the Government’s priorities are.

As Victorians, we are rightly proud of our community, our environment, our cities and towns.

But to maintain our standard of living while also caring for our environment and those who need extra support, we need a Government which uses our tax contributions wisely.

So how does this Andrews Labor Government stack up?

At a glance...

The bad news: Labor spends billions on new toll roads, millions to prop up the dying coal industry, and refuses to fix our crumbling public housing.

The good news: The Greens have negotiated increases in funding for our national parks, an upgrade to South Yarra station and $22 million for new cycling paths.

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Finally, a new school for Docklands

Ellen Sandell, State MP for Melbourne, and the Greens welcome the government’s recent funding commitment for a primary school in Docklands, and call on the government to also build a Docklands High School.

The campaign for a primary school in the Docklands has been long and hard-fought, with the local community and parents working closely with Ellen Sandell's office to pressure the Government to take action.

Today, the government announced $18.8 million in the upcoming state Budget to build a much-needed primary school in Docklands, but the Docklands community are still crying out for a high school for their kids.

Quotes attributable to Ellen Sandell:

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