Greens: If Andrews doesn’t take action, the next Grenfell will be on his hands

Greens Housing and Consumer Affairs spokesperson Ellen Sandell has today called on the Andrews government to immediately and directly replace unsafe flammable cladding through emergency state action, in the wake of the recent Victorian Cladding Taskforce's findings.

“The Andrews Government should urgently step in and fix these buildings and then recoup the costs from the developers who cut corners or refuse to act"
Thousands of buildings in Victoria - including the Women's and the Royal Melbourne hospitals have been found to contain the same flammable cladding that led to so many deaths in London’s Grenfell Tower. 
The City of Melbourne says at least 17 residential buildings are unsafe, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 
"If we leave it to the developers and the courts to decide when cladding will be removed, Melburnians will be living in flammable buildings for years to come and people could die - what's worse is that people don't know if their building is one of the ones at risk."
“If you need an ambulance, you call 000 – you don’t wait for a court order, and you don’t seek out 5 quotes from the Yellow Pages. 
“This is a failure of the market and only government action can fix it.
“Daniel Andrews is fiddling while Melbourne is ready to burn. Labor might be talking a good game in the media, but not a single building has been made safe since Grenfell. Labor doesn’t have a plan to make buildings safe.
“If Daniel Andrews doesn’t take action, the next Grenfell will be on his hands.”


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