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Save Our Parks

Victoria’s National Parks are precious places. But right now our national parks are under threat.

This Andrews Labor Government has the worst record on National Parks of any government in 60 years. And that’s on top of huge funding cuts from the Liberals in 2014.

And on top of all this, Labor has given recreational deer shooters free reign to hunt in the Alpine National Park.

Our parks are under greater threat than ever, from climate change, invasive species and corporate development. They need more funding and protection, not less.

This state election we're fighting to Save Our National Parks, to protect Victoria's special places for people and for nature. 

From Wilson’s Prom to the Grampians, from the Alpine National Park to the Otways, the Mallee and beyond, these places nourish our souls and protect our native animals and plants.

National Parks are some of the last havens of habitat for threatened and endangered native species.

In 2014, around $50 million a year was cut from Parks Victoria's budget by the Liberals. Labor has not restored this funding in full. And now Labor is allowing deer hunting in National Parks, despite research showing that only professional, large-scale programs are effective at controlling feral deer. 

The Greens have a plan to Save Our National Parks, by restoring funding, adding new national parks and protecting our parks from climate change, invasive species and corporate development.

Thank you for signing our pledge to Save Our National Parks and protect Victoria's special places. 

Background image courtesy of JJ Harrison. 

Will you sign?





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