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Pages tagged "Splash Petition"

Allow Pill Testing

To Premier Daniel Andrews  Doctors, experts and the public agree: pill testing saves lives. Support the Greens legislation to minimise harm from drug use and allow pill testing.

Protect Kids from Discrimination

The leaked Ruddock review into religious freedom has recommended that the right for religious schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity be guaranteed under federal law. Add your name to our petition to abolish laws that allow faith based schools to discriminate against...

Bring Democracy Back To Our Council

In the City of Melbourne, businesses get two votes while residents only get one, and property owners have more power than residents. Labor and the Liberals have set up the unfair voting system to favour big corporations at the expense of local residents. Democracy means everyone should only have one...

Safe for Cyclists on Flemington Rd

The City of Melbourne Bicycle Plan 1978 identified Flemington Rd as a key bike route. 40 years later, it's still not safe. We have had some recent wins, as VicRoads recently announced protected bike lanes at the Abbotsford, Harker, and Gatehouse Street intersections. But this isn't enough. We need fully...

It's time for an ombudsman into retirement housing!

Housing is a fundamental human right, and accessible, dignified housing for older Victorians is a crucial part of the picture. Residents are often locked into expensive and complicated contracts. They are not consulted about changes, including changes to fees, and their residence might be a far cry from what they...

Save Our Parks

Victoria’s National Parks are precious places. But right now our national parks are under threat. This Andrews Labor Government has the worst record on National Parks of any government in 60 years. And that’s on top of huge funding cuts from the Liberals in 2014. And on top of all...

A Liveable Melbourne

Melbourne should be built for people Not property developers  

Make Melbourne Safe for Cyclists

Join Ellen Sandell and Adam Bandt and call on Premier Daniel Andrews to make Melbourne safe for cyclists. We urgently need more investment in safer cycling infrastructure and driver education programs.